Re-Wire you brain for Love

I found this very insightful article in the Mindful Magazine. It is written by Cheryl Fraser, a clinical psychologist and sex therapist.  She is a writer, speaker and meditation teacher. She is the relationship columnist for Mindful.

 Rewire Your Brain for Love

Don’t let deep-seated fears of not being loved hijack a relationship.


 George was missing. The Disneyland hotel bed was crisply made but my sister’s security bear, loved and nuzzled into a sheepskin sphere with one weird glass eye, had vanished. A frantic call later, the smiling concierge appeared and placed a freshly laundered koala blob back into the waiting arms, and heart, of a tiny blonde girl. She slept, content, wrapped around her fuzzy friend.          It’s endearing, isn’t it, when a child needs a stuffed toy to feel safe. Until the tantrums start and the kid can’t calm themselves without it.

We adults are no different. Hey, we all want to feel safe and secure. That’s why we fall in love. Except sometimes falling in love makes us feel scared, not safe, and we act like a nutcase—wracked with insecurity and fears. Why? Well, our first real safe place was not with our bear, it was with our parent, and that early relationship exerts a giant influence on how we connect as grown-ups.

Research says the kind of attention we receive from our caretaking adult(s) in our first two years determines whether we feel predominantly safe with closeness—in psychology speak, securely attached—or not. Secure attachment, which about half of people have, has been shown to increase the ability to feel comfortable with vulnerability and to regulate emotional reactions when there are bumps on the romantic road. Successful adult relationships take more than kissing George until leather shows through his wool. They require the ability to manage stress, be aware of feelings, calm down, and engage meaningfully.

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Al wat ons het, is verhoudings…..

Op hierdie Paasmaandag drink ek en Len ons vroegoggend koppie koffie; hy lê nog in die bed, en ek sit in my meditasie-lekker-lees-agteroorsit-stoel. En ons gesels. Oor die heerlike kuier saam met Christopher, Julia en kleine Lily die week voor die Paasnaweek.

Ons gesels oor hoe gelukkig ons is dat ons twee kinders goed oor die weg kom. Ons is opgewonde dat hulle, en hul lewensmaats, vir Lily en Katy vanoggend oseanarium toe neem sodat die twee niggies, wat vyf maande verskil, mekaar weer kan sien. Lily is ’n Joburger en Katy ’n Kapenaar en het mekaar in Januarie laas gesien.

Ons gesels oor hoe bevoorreg ons is dat ons goeie vriende het met wie ons al jare lank aankom. Met wie ons lag en met wie ons ons vrese en hartseer kan deel.

Ons gesels oor Facebook.

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