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SARIE Verhoudingsblog: Grete gee raad aan leser oor haar rondloperman

’n SARIE-leser het onlangs vir ons van haar rondloperman vertel. Om albei se privaatheid te beskerm, gebruik ons skuilname. Imago-terapeut Grete Becker, wat ons verhoudingsblog behartig, gee raad aan SARIE-leser oor haar rondloperman.

Grete Becker

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Time to wake up

The Oscar Pretorius trial has highlighted for me that so many South Africans seek revenge, retribution and punishment.  There is general lack of empathy due to a total ignorance of basic psychology, human action, human reaction and what gives rise to human behavior. The Nation gathered their collective dark sides and projected that onto Oscar. He became the Scapegoat for those who keep their dark sides nicely hidden from the public eye. Public polls on radio and TV  stations call for the ultimate sentence: ” Bring back the death penalty”. ” Lock him up and throw the key away” is one of the many self-righteous pleas for harsh punishment.  They substitute bullets with words and thoughts…….and think they are not committing murder.

During this whole trial, there was lone voice that spoke to the core – Dr Dorianne Weil, better known as Dr Dee. Such a pity she got so little airtime. And the core for me is : we cannot make this just about THE EVENT; we need to learn from this and address the source of violent, aggressive behavior.

Read this article by Gabor Mate  on rage against women.

It is high time that parents are educated about the developmental needs of their children, that they incorporate healthy attachment parenting styles in order to raise well balanced, emotionally intelligent adults.

Imago Couples Workshop in Cape Town

The Imago Couples Workshop in Cape Town will enable you to develop a vibrant and connected relationship by teaching skills that promote understanding, growth and safety in the relationship.

Imago Couples workshop 15 Nov 2014

Imago Couples workshop 15 Nov 2014

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Sarie Verhoudingsblog: Die Sprokiesverhaal en die nagmerrie van verhoudings

In dié SARIE verhoudingsblog gaan Grete Becker, ’n terapeut van Kaapstad, weekliks oor verhoudings skryf en spesifieke onderwerpe bespreek. Grete is ’n Imago-terapeut van Kaapstad. Imago-terapie fokus op verhoudings en gee paartjies en gesinne hulpmiddels en perspektief tydens enige fase van die verhouding.

Ek het al voorheen geskryf die Imago-verhoudingsteorie voorspel dat alle verhoudings deur voorspelbare, maar tog onafwendbare, fases gaan. Die romantiese fase, die ontnugteringsfase, die kop-in-die-sand-fase waar ons aangaan en voorgee dat alles piekfyn is, die fase waar julle besluit julle gaan hulp soek, dan werk aan die verhouding en die groot beloning: ware liefde. Continue reading