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Imago Couples Workshop in Cape Town

The Imago Couples Workshop in Cape Town will enable you to develop a vibrant and connected relationship by teaching skills that promote understanding, growth and safety in the relationship.

Imago Couples workshop 15 Nov 2014

Imago Couples workshop 15 Nov 2014

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Sarie Verhoudingsblog: Die Sprokiesverhaal en die nagmerrie van verhoudings

In dié SARIE verhoudingsblog gaan Grete Becker, ’n terapeut van Kaapstad, weekliks oor verhoudings skryf en spesifieke onderwerpe bespreek. Grete is ’n Imago-terapeut van Kaapstad. Imago-terapie fokus op verhoudings en gee paartjies en gesinne hulpmiddels en perspektief tydens enige fase van die verhouding.

Ek het al voorheen geskryf die Imago-verhoudingsteorie voorspel dat alle verhoudings deur voorspelbare, maar tog onafwendbare, fases gaan. Die romantiese fase, die ontnugteringsfase, die kop-in-die-sand-fase waar ons aangaan en voorgee dat alles piekfyn is, die fase waar julle besluit julle gaan hulp soek, dan werk aan die verhouding en die groot beloning: ware liefde. Continue reading

Join the Imago Cape Town workshop this September

The Imago Cape Town workshop is for people who are serious about their relationships.  Grete Becker is a qualified relationship coach and marriage counsellor and during the next workshop taking place on 20 and 21 September, she will present a dynamic and modern approach to healing and enriching relationships. Continue reading

Imago Relationship Theory: Making Marriage Simple

Marriage is anything BUT simple; being and staying in a committed relationship is
complicated and challenging at the best of times.  “Imago Relationship Theory: Making Marriage Simple” will be the topic of my talk at this year’s South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) festival taking place on 3 September.  Continue reading

Book now: Imago couples workshop

Imago Relationship Therapy is an integrated therapeutic process for working with individuals, couples, families, groups and business colleagues to enhance relational dynamics in the relationships they share.

Book now to join me this weekend for my next Imago JaM workshop (where you can Join and Mend relationships). This workshop takes place on Saturday and Sunday 23 and 24 August and will be a big gift to your relationship – it will move you into a safe and connected space. You will learn a new way of communicating so that you can discuss frustrations without going into a fight.

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