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SARIE Verhoudingsblog: “Moet ek bly of skei”

Sedert ons Imago-terapeut Grete Becker met haar verhoudingsblog begin het, het die vrae ingestroom. Grete beantwoord van die eerstes hier onder:SARIE-leser se vraag:

Ek is al 21 jaar getroud en het twee kinders. ’n Seun van 11 en ’n dogter van 14.3 jaar gelede het my man ’n seksuele verhouding met ’n geskeide vrou gehad. Ek het ’n jaar later uitgetrek en ná 2 jaar het hy hul verhouding beëindig en ons het weer probeer.Ek het besef ek het ook foute gemaak. Ek het terapeut gaan sine en alles in ons verhouding gegee. Ek het my gedrag verander, my kop geswaai, en baie dinge maar net aanvaar vir wie en wat hy is. Continue reading

Commit & Connect: A workshop for couples: 18 & 19 May

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We are born in relationship…
We are wounded in relationship…
We are healed in relationship…

COMMIT and CONNECT workshop:

This workshop will help couples develop a vibrant and connected relationship by teaching skills that promote understanding, growth and safety in the relationship. Conflict is a friend and it is maturity knocking at the door. Embrace it. Our relationship is not a problem that must be solved – it is an adventure to embark upon, a gift to unpack, a mystery that must be understood and a secret that must be uncovered.

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Can passion and intimacy last in a long-term marriage?

I received Dr Ellen Bader’s,( The Couples Institute), newsletter and thought I will share this with you……….enjoy.

Recently couples therapy has had a hold on the media, or maybe I am just noticing it. While flying to Africa, a magazine in the airport had an advertisement with the headline, “What Couples Therapy Should Look Like”.

A different magazine on the airplane quoted this month’s ‘amazing fact’… spouses who travel in the same direction to work, regardless of the route taken or whether they actually travel together, tend to be more satisfied with each other than couples who don’t travel in the same direction. (Jacqueline Detwiller, Hemispheres Magazine, reporting on a study from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.) And then there’s Hollywood, addressing the question, “Can passion and intimacy last in a long-term marriage?” in its latest release, Hope Springs. If you haven’t yet seen the movie starring Meryl Streep (Kay) and Tommy Lee Jones (Arnold) as a couple in a long-term, dead marriage, it’s worth seeing.And, instead of juicing up the marriage Hollywood-style with an affair, writer Vanessa Taylor takes on the lesser-portrayed marital challenge of rejuvenating a dead marriage with couples therapy.Kay and Arnold sleep in separate bedrooms. He’s gruff. She’s passive. She makes him the same eggs for breakfast every morning. He watches the golf channel. They rarely talk and never touch.

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