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Sept 2015The Imago Parenting programme is called Connected Parents, Thriving Kids.  The Imago Parenting is not so much a how to parent programme as it is a how to be a parent programme. This parenting programme is designed for parents of children of all ages, caregivers of children, educators of children, and all professionals working with children.

The Imago parenting programme is based on the best-seller, “Giving the Love that Heals” by world reknown Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt. The programme incorporates Imago Relationship Theory with insights from latest research in neuroscience.

Join the 8 week Imago Parenting programme and make a difference in how to be a parent. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about yourself and parenting.

I personally love this workshop because it just makes sense.  Of all the parenting programmes available, this Imago course draws on well researched, evidence based data to give the parent a balanced, comprehensive insight into developmental stages and psychological needs of the child at the different physical developmental stages, the role of society and the messages we give our children and how they impact healthy development, the latest in neurobiology and the way in which early baby/childhood experiences directly affect the development of the brain and how this impacts adult relationships.

This course is done over 8 weeks to give parents the opportunity to integrate the theory into practical parenting skills. This week-by-week approach offers parents the opportunity to a deeper understanding of their own life stories which in turn promotes Connected Parents, who can raise Thriving Kids.

This course will be presented in Claremont by Grete Becker & Rene Rangasamy.
Course information:
Date:           Starting 15 September 2016
Frequency: Every Wednesday morning for 8 weeks
Time:           9h30 – 12h30
Location:     Claremont
Catering:    Tea and coffee will be provided
Price:          R1800 per parent or R3500 if both parents attend
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What will you learn during the Parenting programme?

  • Learn a very important skill – The Imago dialogue process.
  • The Imago model will teach parents how to move from reactive to conscious parenting.
  • Learn about early brain development and attachment theory and how it impacts on later adult relationships.

This Course Offers the Unique Opportunity to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of both yourself and your children.
  • Deepen the connection between you and your children.
  • Empower your children.
  • Experience your own growth.

Connected Parents, Thriving Kids – Imago Parenting course 

Session 1 – Towards Conscious Parenting

  • Reactive versus Conscious Parenting
  • What is Imago Relationship Theory-in a nutshell
  • The Imago Dialogue – M.O.V.E : Exercise & Homework

Session 2 – The Parent-Child Connection

  • A Statement of Intention
  • The 3 Basic Human needs
  • Stages of Development
  • The Parenting Print & Exercise
  • Conscious or Reactive?
  • 3 More Exercises.

Session 3 – Discovering the Evolving Child

The Stage of Attachment

  • The Stage of Exploration
  • The Stage of Identity
  • The Stage of Competence
  • Later Developmental Stages
  • Childhood Messages – The Process of Socialisation
  • Exercise & The Week’s Assignment

Session 4 – Searching for Gold-A Journey of Self-Discovery

  • Childhood Messages – Exercise: Childhood Memories
  • Children and Frustrations – Exercise: Practice Dialogue
  • Acting Out – a New View
  • A Sample Dialogue
  • The Unconscious Interaction
  • Preparation for H.O.L.D – Practice H.O.L.D
  • This Week’s Assignment

Session 5 – Childhood Influences & Frustrations

  • Even though we love our children, they  may not always experience us as loving
  • Influenced / Frustrated….Exercises : Baggage & Finding my Growth Edge
  • ‘I ‘ –Talk
  • Symbiosis
  • Dialogical Families
  • This Week’s Assignment

Session 6 – Myself as a Parent

  • Flipping the Lid
  • Reactivity
  • When Children “Flip The Lid”
  • Minimising / Maximising Behaviour
  • The Week’s Assignment

FREE: Session 7 – Understanding the Wounded Self

  • Parents Want to do well for their children
  • Exercise: Profile of Caretakers
  • Discovery Dialogue
  • My Plan for Growth
  • This Week’s Assignment

FREE: Session 8 – Weaving it all Together – Possibilities for a Conscious Future

  • Exercise: Parent-Child Dialogue
  • A Vision for the Future
  • Our Journey Together
  • Review of the Sessions
  • How we have fun
  • Your Parenting Vision
  • Positive Flooding
  • One Wonderful Day…..In Some Future Time.

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