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The Imago couples workshop is called the “Getting The Love You Want”  workshop which has been designed for people who are serious about their relationships. Grete Becker, Relationship Coach and Marriage Counsellor, presents a dynamic and modern approach to healing and enriching relationships. This practice combines the work of Harville Hendrix (Imago Relationship Therapy) and Hedy Schleifer  (Encounter-centered Couples Therapy). I call this workshop Commit & Connect.

This workshop will help couples develop a vibrant and connected relationship by teaching skills that promote understanding, growth and safety in the relationship. Conflict is a friend and it is maturity knocking at the door. Embrace it. Our relationship is not a problem that must be solved – it is an adventure to embark upon, a gift to unpack, a mystery that must be understood and a secret that must be uncovered.

The “Commit & Connect” workshop will help you to:

• Resolve intense conflict
• Revive a once vibrant marriage
• Learn how to acquire the love you have always wanted
• Lay a good foundation for a new relationship
• Enrich an existing good relationship.
• Gain insight into the higher purpose of marriage.

The aim of the “Commit & Connect” workshop:

This workshop is aimed at developing a conscious marriage so that true love can emerge in a safe and structured environment. Partners can learn to:

• Discover the unconscious agenda which brought you together.
• View each other anew.
• View each other as people in need of healing.
• Truly meet one another’s needs.
• Rediscover lost and repressed parts of yourselves.
• Reduce or eliminate frustration with specific behaviour change requests.
• Learn skills to deepen communication in your relationship.
• Rekindle romance, passion and true love in your relationship.

A visual tour of previous workshops – we do have fun as well

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“Commit & Connect” Couples Workshops: 2017

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Time: 9am to 6 pm  both days
Location: Cape Pillars Boutique Guest House, 9 De Villiers Road, Valmary Park, Durbanville
Catering: Tea and coffee and light lunch will be provided
Cost: R4,000 per couple

For further information, please contact me on or 083 259 8082.

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