Couples Workshop

Grete Becker, Relationship Coach and Marriage Counsellor, presents a dynamic and modern approach to healing and enriching relationships. This workshop combines the work of Harville Hendrix (Imago Relationship Therapy) and Hedy Schleifer  (Encounter-centered Couples Therapy). I call this workshop Commit & Connect.

This workshop will help couples develop a vibrant and connected relationship by teaching skills that promote understanding, growth and safety in the relationship. Conflict is a friend and it is maturity knocking at the door. Embrace it. Our relationship is not a problem that must be solved – it is an adventure to embark upon, a gift to unpack, a mystery that must be understood and a secret that must be uncovered.

The “Commit & Connect” workshop will help you to:

• Resolve intense conflict
• Revive a once vibrant marriage
• Learn how to acquire the love you have always wanted
• Lay a good foundation for a new relationship
• Enrich an existing good relationship.
• Gain insight into the higher purpose of marriage.

The aim of the “Commit & Connect” workshop:

This workshop is aimed at developing a conscious marriage so that true love can emerge in a safe and structured environment. Partners can learn to:

• Discover the unconscious agenda which brought you together.
• View each other anew.
• View each other as people in need of healing.
• Truly meet one another’s needs.
• Learn skills to deepen communication in your relationship.
• Rekindle romance, passion and true love in your relationship.

A visual tour of previous workshops – we do have fun as well

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“Commit & Connect” Couples Workshops: 2018

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Time:        Saturday :9 am to 6 pm. Sunday : 9 am to 5 pm.
Location:  19 Panorama Road, Valmary Park, Durbanville
Catering:  Tea and coffee during breaks will be provided.
Cost:        R4,200 per couple

For further information, please contact me on or 083 259 8082.

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