Imago Relationship Therapy is an integrated therapeutic process for working with individuals, couples, families, groups and business colleagues in order to enhance relational dynamics in the relationships they share. I offer Imago services in Cape Town and Johannesburg.  I offer a range of services to enable you to commit and connect with your loved ones albeit your partners, children , colleagues or friends.

Imago is based on the ground-breaking work of Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., author of “Getting the Love You Want”, “Keeping the Love You Find”, “Giving the Love That Heals”, and “Receiving Love”, Imago therapy is a wonderfully effective and safe approach for helping individuals grow into understanding themselves more fully so as to enable safe, honest communication and to facilitate the evolution of greater wholeness as individuals within any relational context.

Imago Relationship Therapy provides individuals with a new perspective and to look at their relationships with tools to facilitate growth and healing. Harville says Imago is effective as a way to create stronger relationships, because it helps us become more aware of the way that we are all deeply interconnected.

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Couples Workshop
Couples Intensive
Singles Workshop
Parenting Programme